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Anzu Hoshino (星野 杏子, Hoshino Anzu) is the main protagonist of the Romantic Killer series. She is in the first year of high school and her three great desires are video games, cats (especially her pet Momohiki), and chocolate.


Anzu is a fair-skinned teenage girl of medium height with messy red hair that is into a ponytail with bangs swept to the left side while she has hair strands framing the sides of her face, large round red eyes and a slim build.

While in school, she wears her school uniform, which consists of a white collared shirt, a dark blue skirt with a plaid pattern formed by pale blue stripes, knee long dark blue socks and red and white sneakers.

When she is outside of school, she is typically seen wearing anything that is cat related (such as a shirt with a cat face), and usually wears sandals or goes barefoot, but after going out to buy clothes with Tsukasa Kazuki, she now tries to wear less casual clothes to go out with other people, to the point of even wearing make up in some occasions.


Anzu is a logical, blunt and very caring girl who can't leave her friends when they're in trouble. She cares little for how strangers perceive her and will always stay true to her internal sense of right and wrong.

Though as the story progresses, she ends up slowly caring for others and gained some friends along the way too.


  • The name Anzu means "apricot" (杏子).
  • Anzu's surname Hoshino means "star" (星) (hoshi) and "field, wilderness" (野) (no).


  • Anzu is terrified of bugs/insects and is dependent mainly on her mother or Momohiki to get rid of them.
  • Chapter 2 of the manga’s first volume reveals that Anzu's birthday is on July 11th, her height is 5’6 and her blood type is O.
  • While Anzu is supposed to be the heroine of the story, she despises the role. Because of that, Riri calls her an anti-heroine, a title she would later embrace.
  • Anzu is often shown to physically abuse Riri for comedic effect, effectively throw Riri against walls, hitting with a frying pan, uppercutting the human form into the ceiling, flicking through a door and other methods of physical harm.