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Hijiri Koganei (小金井 聖, Koganei Hijiri) is a supporting character in Romantic Killer series. He is a wealthy boy who is not in touch with the lives of "peasants", also set up by Riri for Anzu Hoshino.


Hijiri is a bishōnen young boy who is considered to be handsome and 'prince-like' by everyone with blonde hair that has bangs hanging on the right side and golden eyes. Hijiri tends to sparkle whenever he flaunts his appearance.

Because of his good looks and aura, he is very popular among males and females as seen in Episode 6 when:

  • Every female student stared in awe upon arriving at school and he even has his own fan club, according to one of Anzu Hoshino's friends.
  • When he recently started working at a convenience store (where Anzu works), he immediately began to attract a lot of customers and earned himself the nickname 'The Convenience Store Prince.' on social media.


Hijiri is an arrogant boy who has a hot and cold "tsundere" personality.

According to Anzu Hoshino in Episode 7, she considers him to be "inconsiderate and obnoxious."


  • The name Hijiri means "holy" (聖).
  • Hijiri's surname Koganei means "small money/small sum of money" (小金) (kogane) and "well, mine shaft, pit" (井) (i).


  • Knowing how much Hijiri was used to getting what he wanted, his father had transferred him from his former private school so that he could learn to fend for himself.
  • Hijiri's tendency to sparkle is most commonly referred to as Bishie Sparkle, which signifies that a character is handsome or at least thinks of themselves as handsome.